The Fast 2 Fabulous Way

Although I enjoy creating my own layouts and scrapbook pages, I also love the quick and easy options that we now offer with our pre-designed Fast 2 Fabulous Albums and Pages.  The pages are pre-printed with designs, but there is nothing simple about these pages.  The designs are fresh and up-to-date, and the shaded printing really gives the look of a hand-made page.  If the designs don’t work with your photos, just adapt the page and add how ever many photos that you wish.  If you don’t like a design, just cover it up.  You can also add embellishments if you like, but with only photos and journaling you will have an attractive page that’s done in a snap.  An entire album can be completed in a few hours!

F2F Page

All I added were the photos, the pen stitching and the journaling. The rest is a printed design right on the page!

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