Watercolor Love

I absolutely LOVE our new Watercolor Love Collection!  Believe me, it’s even more beautiful in person.  The embellishments include heavy paper die cuts of hearts, arrows and banners of several different sizes, colors and patterns and the cutest red and pink heart jewels.  Here are a few pages that I made for our recent CM Virtual Crop2.  Our Virtual Facebook Crops are a fun way to scrap at home while being inspired by great ideas from CM and other participants.  Everyone is encouraged to upload photos of their finished projects, and CM awards gift certificates and free products during the event.


To make this page, I cut out a heart template from scrap paper.  I then used the template to help me place the circles around the perimeter and then filled in the heart with more circles.  To make the circles, I used our CM Shape Maker with Circle Cartridge and our old CM Circle Makers.  Make sure to use Foam Square Adhesives to really make the embellishments pop.  This page was made on our old CM Vanilla Cardstock.


The Vanilla Cardstock squares are 3.75″, the Watercolor Love squares are 3.5″, and the photos are 3.25″.  The row of hearts on the top right were made with our Border Maker and our new Heart Cartridge.  The row of hearts on the middle left were made with our Border Maker and retired Double Heart Cartridge.  Again I used Foam Square Adhesives for dimension, and the page was accented with Vanilla Cardstock and ABC Letters, and pen stitching.


This page was inspired by ideas that our CM Bloggers shared on our Virtual Crop2 and on our CM Valentine Blog Hop (that you can access from my website).  The heart pocket was made by cutting 2 circles using the largest circle pattern and the red blade of our Custom Cutting System.  Cut around the outside edge of the circle pattern with the red blade.  Overlap the two circles to make the top part of the heart.  I then cut two more circles out of scrap paper and overlapped them to get the shape of the bottom pocket. I taped it together to make a scrap paper template that I used to cut out the heart paper to form the pocket. For added fun, cut around the top edge of the hearts with your scissors.  The banner was made using a technique that CM shared on the Virtual Crop.  Cut a 4″ square and draw diagonal lines from each corner and horizontal and vertical lines from the center points of each side of the square.  You’ll see triangle banner shapes taking form.  I used a ruler and pencil to square off the bottom edges of each triangle shape.  Cut out and ta, da!  I adhered the banner with Foam Square Adhesives and used our Watercolor Love heart jewels in-between each banner piece.  Very cute!  The bottom border was made with layering pieces of our Watercolor Love paper and punching two heart borders using our Border Maker with new Heart cartridge.  I also used Foam Square Adhesives to adhere the top banner and heart embellishment pieces.  And don’t forget the pen stitching for added detail.  Very sweet!

In addition to the super cute paper and embellishments, we also have a lovely Fuchsia Album with Embossed Hearts.  Please visit my website or contact me to order our lovely Watercolor Love Collection, new Heart Border Maker Cartridge, and a pack of Foam Square Adhesives.

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