2020 Croptoberfest Layouts

This past weekend would have been the date for my annual October weekend retreat. I’ve been hosting weekend retreats for 18 years now, and we typically fill up my hotel space with 50 croppers three times a year. Due to the pandemic, I replaced this year’s October retreat with a virtual event. Although we missed being together in person, the virtual option is a good substitute that has allowed others from places far and wide to also participate. During our Scrap & Chat sessions on Zoom, we were able to visit and meet 68 croppers from all over the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand!

I taught page classes for 6 original layouts that I created with the Croptoberfest Bundle from Creative Memories, and Kim Scott with Forever, shared instructional videos on how to create my layouts digitally. I also shared an additional Page Class, Demonstration Videos, Sketch Challenges, Scrap & Chat Sessions, Door Prizes, a sale of discounted and discontinued products, and a few games. We had such a fun time, and I hope that you’ll consider joining us for my next virtual event. (Stay tuned.)

Below are photos of the original layouts that I created. I’m offering access to the instructional videos and handouts on how to create these layouts for a $15 fee. With the fee, you’ll receive access to a private Facebook group that contains the page class videos, demonstration videos and an instructional handout for each layout. With these materials, you’ll be able to create the layouts at your leisure. During the recorded page classes, I also share tips and techniques and demonstrate how to use Creative Memories tools.

If you’re a digital scrapbooker or would like to learn how to scrapbook digitally, Kim Scott, will be holding classes that include instructions on how to create my layouts digitally. Please contact me if you are interested in those, and I will connect you with Kim.

I used almost every piece of paper, cardstock, stickers and embellishments that are included in the exclusive Croptoberfest Bundle from Creative Memories to create these layouts. You will only have a few small pieces leftover.

(Unfortunately these materials are now sold out. However, you can use any other materials that you have to create the layouts.)

To purchase access the instructional videos and handouts on how to create these layouts, please pay the $15 fee using my Pay Pal link. This is a great opportunity to participate in a personal scrapbooking class with me!

Thanks so much for your interest in my layouts! Have a scrappy week!


Virtual Croptoberfest Retreat this Weekend!

Would you like to have some scrappy fun THIS weekend (October 23rd – 25th)? Would you like to participate in one of my page classes – or how about 6 of my page classes? This is your opportunity to scrapbook along with me to learn new techniques and to create 6 unique layouts that I created using CM’s Croptoberfest Bundle!

Would you love to participate, but you already have plans for the weekend? That’s okay! I’ll be recording all of my page classes and demonstrations, and they’ll be available for you to watch at your leisure over the next month. I’ll also be sharing instructional handouts for my layouts.

In addition to the demos and page classes, there will be Sketch Challenges and opportunities to Scrap & Chat and visit with croppers from the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand! There will be an opportunity to purchase discounted and discontinued CM products from me. Plus we’ll have a few fun games and some door prizes!

Are you a digital scrapbooker? There will also be instructional videos on how to create my layouts digitally using Artisan software!

To join the fun, just pay your $25 registration using my Pay Pal link. www.PayPal.me/KarynCrops.

After you’ve paid your $25 fee, you will receive an email invitation to join the private Facebook group that I created for the event. Through the Facebook group, I’ll be sharing the demo and page class videos, handouts, and Facebook Live posts. And participants will be sharing photos of their layouts there. For the Page Classes and Scrap & Chat sessions, we’ll be using Zoom. I’ll keep the private Facebook group up for several weeks, so you’ll have plenty of time to print the handouts and view all of the videos at your leisure. You’ll also have an entire week to complete layouts to be entered into door prize drawings.

I’ll be using CM’s Croptoberfest Bundle for the 6 layouts that I created and also CM’s Hello, Autumn Decorative Bundle for another Page Class and some samples. You may use any materials that you like. But if you would like to use the Croptoberfest Bundle, you can still purchase it through my CM website link. Look under Shop > Virtual Event Kits > Croptoberfest.

I hope that you join us! I would love to meet you!


Pay your $25 fee and JOIN my Virtual Croptoberfest Retreat now!

Laser Paper Scrapbook Layouts

Earlier this year, Creative Memories started offering a new product called laser paper! Laser paper is similar to large cut-files that some create with their Cricuts or other cutting machines. The laser paper pieces are intricately cut from heavy cardstock and include spaces for photographs. The laser papers are double-sided with different colorings on each side. Our first offering was the Beneath the Pines Laser Paper.

The Beneath the Pines Laser Paper was inspired by vines, lush leaves, overgrown foliage and perfectly prickly pine cones. You’ll find the Beneath the Pines Laser Paper in the Last Chance section of the website. Although the Beneath the Pines Paper and Stickers are sold out, the laser paper coordinates with other current collections. I paired this piece from the Beneath the Pines Laser Pack with paper and embellishments from our current All My Love collection. I just need to add journaling instead the green tag.

To make my layout:

1. Cut a hollow frame from a piece of Brown Cardstock.
2. Cut a piece of All My Love Paper to 11-1/2″ x 11-1/2″, and adhere to the hollow frame.
3. Use Repositionable Tape to adhere the photos to the backside of the laser piece, and adhere the entire piece with photos to the page.
4. Use a Gold Dual-Tip Pen to add detail.
5. Add flowers from the All My Love Embellishments, acorn stickers from the Hello, Autumn Stickers, and a title from the Hello, Autumn Embellishments.

My second layout features a laser piece from the Croptoberfest Laser Paper. This piece is pear green on one side and a light navy blue on the other side. The Croptoberfest Laser Paper coordinates perfectly with our Croptoberfest Kit and also the Hello, Autumn collection. However, I used it with the All my Love collection. Our collections always feature on trend colors, so they often coordinate with each other and are easy to mix and match.

To Make My Layout:

1. Use the Original Border Maker System with the Infinity Border Maker Cartridge to punch two borders from the rust colored All My Love Paper, and adhere to the left and top sides as shown.
2. Adhere photos and a All My Love Variety Mat to the backside of the Croptoberfest Laser Paper piece. Crop photo as needed. Also add some small pieces of the rust colored All My Love Paper behind the cut out leaf pieces. Adhere entire piece to a sheet of All My Love Paper.
3. Rub the edge of a Brown Dot Pen or Brown Dual-Tip Pen around the edges of All My Love Foiled Flower Embellishments. Adhere embellishments to the page.
4. Rub the edge of a Brown Dot Pen or Brown Dual-Tip Pen around the edge of the page.

For my final layout, I used a second laser piece from the Croptoberfest Laser Paper. (The laser paper packs each come with three pieces.) I used the blue side, but the back side is in shades of red. As with the previous piece, this piece coordinates with the Croptoberfest Kit and the Hello, Autumn Collection. But instead, I used it with the Little Dreamer Collection. As I mentioned before, many of our collections coordinate and the pieces can be used inter-changeably. For my layout, I cut small squares from Little Dreamer Paper and adhered the pieces behind the laser piece to create a sweet baby quilt background for my photos.

To Make My Layout:

1. Cut small squares from Little Dreamer Paper and Little Dreamer Variety Mats. Adhere pieces behind the laser piece.
2. Use the Custom Cutting System with the Oval and Circle Cutting Patterns to cut photos and a Little Dreamer Variety Mat. Adhere photos and the journaling mat behind the laser piece.
3. Use Foam Squares to adhere Little Dreamer Embellishments.

You can simply use the laser paper as it is to create a fast and easy layout. Or you can do as I did and add additional paper, stickers and embellishments to make a more decorate layout. You’ll find all of the materials that I used for these layouts on my Creative Memories website link.

Happy Scrapping!

Croptoberfest 2019 Scrapbook Layouts

Happy Croptoberfest season!  This is probably my favorite scrapbooking time of the year!  During the summer months, I usually spend a little less time on my scrapbooking projects and my Creative Memories business as I’m busy with outdoor activities and summer trips.  But I am always anxious to get back in my craft room to start scrapping again, planning my fall scrapbooking events and seeing my scrappy friends!

I typically hold an all-day workshop for Croptoberfest at the end of September and a weekend scrapbooking retreat in October.  (I have a few open spots for my Camp Crop-A-Lot Weekend Scrapbooking Retreat on October (24th) 25th – 27th.  If you would like to attend, please contact me ASAP.)

Each year, Creative Memories releases an exclusive page kit for Croptoberfest.  The kit comes packaged with paper, cardstock, stickers and instructions to make two double-page layouts and is only available from a CM advisor.  We had fun making these pages at my Croptoberfest workshop last week, but I had more fun using the materials to make my own layouts!

KarynCropsCroptoberfest2019Layouts - Page 012

The small prints of the Croptoberfest paper, evoked a warm fuzzy feeling and inspired a quilt-like layout.  I used a sheet of our Beige Cardstock as my base.  Start by cutting the patterned paper into 1-1/4″ squares and adhere leaving about 1/8″ space in-between.  Use the new Songbird Border Punch to punch a border from the brown cardstock in the kit, and adhere on top of your border.  My photo mats are 4-1/4″ x 4-1/4″ and 6-1/4″ x 4-1/4″.  The circle mat was cut using the Custom Cutting System with the smallest Circle Pattern and Green Blade on the outside edge.  Decorate with some of the Croptoberfest stickers and embellishments from the Croptoberfest Gift Embellishment Pack (also only available from a CM advisor).  I adhered all of my stickers and embellishments with Foam Squares and added faux pen stitching to complete my layout.

KarynCropsCroptoberfest2019Layouts - Page 011


KarynCropsCroptoberfest2019DoubleLayouts - Page 002

For my second layout, I created my own acorn embellishments by cutting ovals using the Custom Cutting System and used scissors to free-hand cut stems and points from the brown print and burlap print papers.  For my largest acorn, I used the largest Oval Pattern and the Blue Blade on the inside edge to cut my acorn and the Red Blade on the inside edge to cut my acorn cap.  For my smaller acorns, I used the medium Oval Pattern and the Blue and Red Blades on the inside edge to cut my pieces.  I used the larger pieces for the caps of my acorns.

My strip from the pinecone print paper measures 10″ x 3-3/4″; the brown print strip is 11″ x 1-1/4″; and the burlap strip is 10-1/2″ x 1/2″.  My photo mats are from Dark Green Cardstock and measure 4-1/4″ x 4-1/4″ and 4-1/4″ x 6-1/4″.  I used a brown pen to ink around the edges of the acorn pieces and designer print paper strips.  I also did some pen work around the edges of my pages and drew some journaling boxes.  I finished the layout by adhering some stickers and embellishments with Foam Squares.

KarynCropsCroptoberfest2019Layouts - Page 005
KarynCropsCroptoberfest2019Layouts - Page 004

KarynCropsCroptoberfest2019Layouts - Page 010
Triangles and a folded triangle page at CM have been all the rage recently. (See the CM Blog.)  So I was inspired to create a triangle pumpkin layout.  To make my layout, cut out a hollow frame from the pinecone print paper, and adhere an 11″ x 11″ piece of White Cardstock.  From the designer print paper, cut 2-1/2″ squares, and cut them in half on the diagonal.  Arrange as shown and freehand cut a stem from the brown Croptoberfest cardstock.  I cut my photo mat to 6-1/4″ x 4-1/4″ and added stickers and embellishments adhering some with Foam Squares.  (The Copper Cardstock was and exclusive color from CM’s recent Cardstock Buffet.)

KarynCropsCroptoberfest2019Layouts - Page 009

My next layout is ready for my group photo from my Croptoberfest workshop.  For the base, I used the sheet of blue cardstock in the Croptoberfest Kit.  The white plaid strip is 3″ x 12″, and the green plaid strip is 4-3/4″ x 9-1/2″.  I used the Original Border Maker System and the new Leaf Border Maker Cartridge to punch a border from the teal patterned paper.  I used the Song Birds Punch to punch borders from the brown Croptoberfest cardstock and our Dark Green Cardstock and layered the borders for depth.  My photo mats measure 6-1/4″ x 4-1/4″ and 4-1/4″ x 4-1/4″ and are cut from the Dark Green Cardstock.  I used the insert in the Croptoberfest Gift Embellishment Pack as a title block and added some embellishments.

KarynCropsCroptoberfest2019Layouts - Page 008

You may have already seen my last layout on the Creative Life Scrapbooking Facebook page.  Today, I’m the featured designer for our Border Maker Monday post.  This layout is super sweet, and I’m anxious to complete it with photos.

KarynCropsCroptoberfest2019DoubleLayouts - Page 001

To make the border featured on my layout above, cut a 3″ strip from the Cratered Blue Cardstock (This was a limited edition cardstock available during CM’s recent Cardstock Buffet.) and punch one end with the Lace Trim Border Punch. Adhere this piece to a 2″ strip of the white plaid paper and adhere to the green plaid paper. Punch a border from the brown cardstock in the Croptoberfest Kit with the Lattice Border Punch. Adhere this piece onto of the blue as shown. Cut square pieces from the brown patterned paper in the Croptoberfest Kit and mat with the blue cardstock. Adhere these pieces with Foam Squares. My photo mats are 4-1/4″ x 6-1/4″ and 6-1/4″ x 6-1/4″. Punch one end of the larger mats with the Lace Trim Border Punch. Use the Song Birds Border Punch to punch borders from the Croptoberfest Kit brown cardstock, and adhere the bird borders with Foam Squares. Add a few stickers from the Croptoberfest Kit and also some of the exclusive Croptoberfest Gift Pack Embellishments.

KarynCropsCroptoberfest2019Layouts - Page 001

I hope that I’ve inspired you to purchase a second Croptoberfest Kit and make some additional layouts!  If you don’t have a CM advisor, I would be glad to mail a kit and embellishments to you!

Please leave a comment and let me know which layout that you like best!

I’ll be back later this month with layouts featuring the Harvest Delight Collection.
Bye for now!