One Layout Done Two Ways


It’s a cold icy day in central Illinois.  In other words, it’s a great scrapbooking day!  As many of you do, I have several favorite layouts that I tend to repeat.  Falling back on and using a favored layout is a great way to kick-start your scrapbooking.  When you pull out your photos and all of your supplies, sometimes it’s a little over-whelming and difficult to get the “creative juices” flowing.  So having a few basic layouts in your repertoire can be a great scrapbooking strategy.

This is a fairly easy layout to duplicate and can be adapted in many ways.  I usually prefer matching backgrounds for my double-page spreads, so this is a good technique to use if you don’t have two sheets of matching paper.  Just cut two coordinating sheets in half and then adhere them together with a border across the middle.  To add extra depth and definition, you can use another sheet behind.  Just trim off one inch from your other pieces.  To conserve paper, cut out the center of the background sheet leaving a one inch frame all around.  When you add your pieces on top, center them to leave a half inch frame on all four sides.


For my first layout above, I used our Creative Memories Denim Blues Paper, Embellishments and ABC/123 Stickers.  The heart frame was punched with our Original Border Maker System and Heart Chain Cartridge.  (The Heart Chain Cartridge is currently one of three cartridges that come with the Original Border Maker System.  It can also be purchased separately.)  Use your scissors to make small snips in-between each heart, but leave the chain intact not cutting all the way through. You can then bend your heart chain into shape.  You will definitely need our Repositional Tape Refill for this.  If may take a few tries and some tinkering to get your heart shape to your liking.  I used three heart chain borders to make my heart.


For my second layout, I used our beautiful Be Bold & Flourish Paper Pack and Slide-In Cards.  These are currently available while supplies last in the Going Gone section of our website.  You’ll want to grab an extra pack of this gorgeous paper before it’s sold out.  I used our Leaf Trio Punch to punch ferns from our Gold Shimmer Cardstock to make my large wreath.  To make the wreath extra lush, I built up my wreath with several layers.  Since this collection did not come with embellishments, I created my own flowers with old CM flower punches and our Maple Leaf Punch.  For added dimension, I used Foam Squares to adhere my flowers.

I can envision lots of versions of this layout.  And many of our border maker cartridges and punches (Garden Vine Punch) could be used to make the frame on the second page.  Frames could also be cut using our old Jumbo Cutting Patterns.  I would love to see your interpretations of this layout!  Feel free to share your versions on my business Facebook Page.

The products and tools featured can be purchased from my Creative Memories website.




Celebrate Mom

Our CM Blog Hops are a great source of ideas and inspiration!  Our last Blog Hop celebrated Mother’s Day, and my layout below was the opening project that was featured.  I love the look of mixing our Hello Baby Girl Paper with the wood printed paper from our Fall-In Paper Pack.  To see instructions on how to make this page and for lots of other great ideas, please visit the CM Blog by clicking on the Idea tab on my website.


This page layout was made with paper from our Hello Baby Girl and Fall-In Paper Packs, and embellishments from our Fresh Picks and Water Color Love Embellishment Packs, and stickers from our Hello Baby Girl Sticker Pack.  The border was made with our Button Chain Border Maker Cartridge.


Watercolor Love

I absolutely LOVE our new Watercolor Love Collection!  Believe me, it’s even more beautiful in person.  The embellishments include heavy paper die cuts of hearts, arrows and banners of several different sizes, colors and patterns and the cutest red and pink heart jewels.  Here are a few pages that I made for our recent CM Virtual Crop2.  Our Virtual Facebook Crops are a fun way to scrap at home while being inspired by great ideas from CM and other participants.  Everyone is encouraged to upload photos of their finished projects, and CM awards gift certificates and free products during the event.


To make this page, I cut out a heart template from scrap paper.  I then used the template to help me place the circles around the perimeter and then filled in the heart with more circles.  To make the circles, I used our CM Shape Maker with Circle Cartridge and our old CM Circle Makers.  Make sure to use Foam Square Adhesives to really make the embellishments pop.  This page was made on our old CM Vanilla Cardstock.


The Vanilla Cardstock squares are 3.75″, the Watercolor Love squares are 3.5″, and the photos are 3.25″.  The row of hearts on the top right were made with our Border Maker and our new Heart Cartridge.  The row of hearts on the middle left were made with our Border Maker and retired Double Heart Cartridge.  Again I used Foam Square Adhesives for dimension, and the page was accented with Vanilla Cardstock and ABC Letters, and pen stitching.


This page was inspired by ideas that our CM Bloggers shared on our Virtual Crop2 and on our CM Valentine Blog Hop (that you can access from my website).  The heart pocket was made by cutting 2 circles using the largest circle pattern and the red blade of our Custom Cutting System.  Cut around the outside edge of the circle pattern with the red blade.  Overlap the two circles to make the top part of the heart.  I then cut two more circles out of scrap paper and overlapped them to get the shape of the bottom pocket. I taped it together to make a scrap paper template that I used to cut out the heart paper to form the pocket. For added fun, cut around the top edge of the hearts with your scissors.  The banner was made using a technique that CM shared on the Virtual Crop.  Cut a 4″ square and draw diagonal lines from each corner and horizontal and vertical lines from the center points of each side of the square.  You’ll see triangle banner shapes taking form.  I used a ruler and pencil to square off the bottom edges of each triangle shape.  Cut out and ta, da!  I adhered the banner with Foam Square Adhesives and used our Watercolor Love heart jewels in-between each banner piece.  Very cute!  The bottom border was made with layering pieces of our Watercolor Love paper and punching two heart borders using our Border Maker with new Heart cartridge.  I also used Foam Square Adhesives to adhere the top banner and heart embellishment pieces.  And don’t forget the pen stitching for added detail.  Very sweet!

In addition to the super cute paper and embellishments, we also have a lovely Fuchsia Album with Embossed Hearts.  Please visit my website or contact me to order our lovely Watercolor Love Collection, new Heart Border Maker Cartridge, and a pack of Foam Square Adhesives.

Be Bold & Flourish…

I absolutely love our Be Bold & Flourish Designer Paper and Fast 2 Fabulous Album Pages!  The color pairings and print designs really speak to me.  And they told me that they would be perfect for some special photos of mine…

Be Bold 1 Be Bold 2